About the Author

Born in Fort San, Saskatchewan in 1934, I grew up in the Qu’appelle valley along the Fishing Lakes. The lakes are an oasis on the prairies, a series of brilliant blue jewels nestled among rolling brown hills and coulees. My childhood was idyllic, complete with long, hot, Huck Finn summers of swimming, rafting, fishing and roaming the coulees.

Shortly after high school, I left the valley to assume a life of motion—from place to place and job to job. Continuity and seniority never much appealed. I have lived in Regina, Saskatoon, Victoria, Toronto, Edmonton, Bermuda, London, Houston and Puerta Vallarta and have toiled in construction, banking, land titles, food services, ad sales, commercial art, cartooning, surveying, oil and gas, and education (communications). Along the way I obtained a degree in Petroleum Engineering and finally settled in Calgary. Now retired, I live in the city’s Beltline. I grew up in the country but found my home in the city.

I have written and published technical papers, poetry, short stories, articles, four non-fiction books and a blog. And edited a variety of newsletters.

I have avoided cluttering my mind with religious beliefs and try to remain objectively progressive politically. My views have been shaped by my intrinsic biases, my personal experiences, copious reading and a lively interest in the world.

Despite a life bracketed by a Great Depression and a great pandemic, I consider myself a very lucky man. I have experienced human civilization at its peak and been privileged to witness the wonder of the universe, the planet and the life upon it at a time when it has all been most revealed to us. I will be here for only a moment in time and space, but what a moment.