If you were looking for Views from the Beltline and thought you’d come to the wrong place, fear not dear readers, you are exactly where you wanted to be.

A few years ago I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress, partly because I wanted to take advantage of the Atahualpa theme, which I greatly admired. However time passes quickly in the world of computing. The developer of Atahualpa has not maintained the theme for some time and is no longer providing support. Consequently updates to WordPress and my host, Bluehost, are increasingly causing problems. So, time to move on to a new theme. Sadly—Atahualpa was almost more of a page-builder than a theme and I thoroughly enjoyed working with it. However, even Atahualpa’s developer advised me to transition to something new.

I looked around and found the Newsberg theme, the one you are looking at now. I quite like it.

I hope you will find it at least interesting enough to keep you dropping by occasionally. You are, of course, always welcome. After all, what’s a blogger without his readers.

3 thoughts on “A new look”
  1. .. I follow many Indy Blogs.. including many on Progressive Bloggers including yours
    Recent underlying changes of some sort.. to Blogger sites have made it impossible for me to comment on some, but not all of those sites..I’m about to open up a new Blogger Site – and already rethinking. My work is meant to share & accept user Sharing, Comment or Critique & of course it’s been aggravating to realize my interested comments just get flushed into a black hole upon clicking ‘Submit’ ! I’m no ‘newbie’ to trouble shooting.. & yes I have a Google Account, an Apple Account among others.. but I will not launch a site currently, that indiscriminately trashes commentary.. Food for thought ! Now let’s see if this comment delivers eh!

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