Maybe I’m getting too old to change, but rather than making resolutions for the New Year, I decided to do wishes instead. My number one wish, of course, is health and happiness for all my friends and family. And for all other good and decent people.

From there I drew up the following list, in no particular order. As these are only wishes, I have tended to be optimistic and go for the maximum. In reality, even if most show progress, I will be a happy blogger.

  • The world’s leaders recognize that we are using up the Earth’s resources faster than it can replenish them, and start developing their economic policies accordingly.
  • The world’s nations pursue economic and environmental policies and programs that will result in global carbon net zero by 2050.
  • The barbaric destruction of Gaza and its people ends, and the international community at long last pressures Israel into dealing fairly with the Palestinians.
  • Justin Trudeau resigns as federal Liberal leader and the party chooses a successor. (The country would be lucky indeed if that were to be Chrystia Freeland. And then of course there’s Mark Carney. With all that talent, what’s the party waiting for?)
  • The Democratic candidate for president of the U.S. wins the November election handily. (I really like Joe Biden, but he is on the wrong side of 80.)
  • The Ukraine war ends, hopefully with Russia pushed back to its borders, but at least with Ukraine’s security guaranteed.
  • The UK holds an election and the reign of the Conservatives mercifully ends. A victorious Labour Party junks the Tory austerity policies and looks to Scandinavia for hints on how to run a humane government.
  • Indigenous Canadians continue to improve their prospects in our society.
  • Working people’s rights (workplace democracy) increase and inequality decreases.
  • The federal government increases the budget of the CBC, the country’s best source of objective news, so desperately needed in these days of fake news and conspiracy theories.
  • All countries shift to some small degree at least more in the direction of democracy and human rights.
  • The influence of Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and all their fellow autocrats and illiberals declines both domestically and internationally but not such that it panics them into doing something stupid.
  • The federal government establishes a citizens’ assembly on electoral reform and this time acts on its recommendations. Icing on the cake would be governments making more use of citizen assemblies to decide issues.
  • Alberta Premier Danielle Smith ends her increasingly tiresome hostility toward the federal government. (I thought I should include one item that is pure wishful thinking.)

But, enough already. Let us not unduly tempt the gods. On with 2024!

3 thoughts on “New Year’s wishes for 2024”
  1. I am thrilled to find this blog. I read Confessions of a Matriarchist a couple of years ago and have incorporated it into my networking and mentoring as an academic professor of pediatrics and mother of a PhD STEM research scientist. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. I’m pleased that Confessions has been of some use to you. I’m currently updating and transforming it into an eBook. I greatly appreciate your approval of the book and the site.

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