Some surprising results in an Angus Reid survey of Albertans this week. The UCP and the NDP are tied in voter support, each at 38 percent. This is quite a collapse for the UCP who won the election, only a year and a half ago, with 55 percent support. But perhaps not terribly surprising considering the party’s handling of health care, education and the economy. Its rancorous dispute with the province’s doctors hasn’t helped.

Declining support of the government is reflected by declining support for the premier, Mr. Kenney, from 61 percent approval at election time to 42 percent today. Not even COVID gave him a bump as it did other premiers. In fact, Alberta’s government got the second lowest level of approval of all the provinces for its handling of the crisis. And the second lowest overall rating.

The fall in support has been mostly among middle-aged voters with a drop from 55 percent at election time to 35 percent today. The youth vote does not bode well for the future of the UCP with only 29 percent approval compared to the NDP’s 47 percent. The over-55s, however, remain loyal, 51 percent UCP, 29 percent NDP, just the reverse of youth.

As for gender, that’s a sweep for the NDP, 47 percent support to only 35 percent for the UCP. Again, not surprising considering the government’s policies on health and education.

The public is fickle, of course, so all could and probably will change in three years. But at the moment, for youth and women, the UCP is very much not their choice.

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