I have been a supporter of social democracy since the days of the CCF and Tommy Douglas. I have, however, often offered support to the Liberals and occasionally to the Green Party. I even voted Conservative once—for Joe Clark when the incumbent in my federal riding was a Reformer. (Joe won.)

My interest in the Greens arose from my perceived need for a party dedicated to the health of the environment at a time when we are systematically destroying it. A time when global warming threatens to bring global civilization down around our ears. And then there was Elizabeth May, who I often thought was the cream of the federal party leaders.

That interest has now dissipated. For a number of reasons.

The Green Party seems, over the years, to have become just another social democratic party and we already have one of those. And of course Elizabeth May has departed as leader and taken much of my interest with her.

That brings up the question of leadership, an area where the party is obviously wanting. In a previous post I suggested the party had an exceptional opportunity to gain an exceptional leader. They decided to pass.

Former mayor of Winnipeg Glen Murray entered the leadership contest, offering an extraordinary résumé of achievements and experience. He led one of the country’s major cities for six years compiling an enviable record of green initiatives and engaging impressively in reconciliation before it became fashionable. He moved to Ontario and was elected to the provincial government where he held a variety of cabinet posts, including Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. His accomplishments and awards include honorary membership in the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, founding member of the Canadian AIDS Society, president and CEO of the Canadian Urban Institute, and chair of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy. The list is lengthy.

But all that is history. The party made its decision and now may face an election in disarray. Good luck with that. I have deleted my address from their email list.

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