When I read about U.S. President Biden’s first steps down the climate change path he intends to follow, I was delighted, primarily because of his stated intention to rejoin the Paris climate agreement. That alone will give us all some hope that humanity may yet deal with the global warming monster.

Other Albertans had a different reaction. Our premier, for example, went into a predictable rage because Biden announced that the Keystone XL pipeline was once again shelved. Kenney’s rage is predictable because he did something immensely stupid and is now looking immensely foolish. Early last year he invested $1.5-billion of our tax dollars, with a promise of more in loans, in that very pipeline. He did this during the presidential election campaign at a time when Biden, whose position on Keystone was clear as a bell, was leading in the polls. He couldn’t wait until the election was over, no, he had to spend our money like a reckless fool.

Now he demands either economic retaliation or compensation for the pipeline company and the province. And, with a predictability that is becoming laughable, he blames Justin Trudeau.

All this is vintage Kenney. As political scientist Jared Wesley puts it, “The fight-back approach seems to be in his political DNA. He doesn’t like being questioned and when his plans don’t turn out, the default position is to blame someone else.”

Well, let the little man rave on. He has cost this province billions along with a fair chunk of our reputation, but we elected him and we have to live with his blunders.

I’m inclined to look on a bright side that is very bright indeed. We have transitioned from a president who believed global warming was a Chinese hoax to a president who considers dealing with it one of his highest priorities. Considering that Joe Biden is the most powerful man in the world, humanity could hardly hear better news. And this Albertan celebrates.

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