My goodness, why do we fuss over these silly people. Two over-privileged royals whine on TV about not being treated royally enough and the nation is all atwitter.

The most titillating revelation is that apparently someone in “the firm” queried the colour of the pair’s kids. And this is of interest why? Should we be surprised that there may be a boor or a bigot or two lounging around the palace? Apparently it wasn’t the Queen, and she’s the only one of the bunch that’s of any importance to Canada, and even she isn’t all that important.

At least that’s the opinion Canadians are increasingly coming to. According to an Angus-Reid survey, “There has been a notable decline over the past five years in willingness to recognize Queen Elizabeth II as the official head of state for Canada.” Only one in five say the royal family is as relevant in Canada as ever. Only one-in-three want Canada to remain a constitutional monarchy long term.

This is not surprising. It doesn’t seem entirely mature for a democratic society to have as its leader, even just as a symbolic leader, a person who is chosen neither by the citizens nor by merit but by birthright. And a foreigner at that.

As for the Harry and Meghan nonsense, I’m not entirely unsympathetic. After all, they both come from dysfunctional families and that has to be a challenge. On the other hand, maybe the Windsors should just stop marrying American divorcées. It didn’t go all that well the last time either.

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